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Exclusive Facesitting, Asslicking-Worship, Foot Worship, Humiliation and Femdom scenes Relentless Edging Floating Bondage Toy Buzzsted with Cate Fury, The Hunteress The lucky slave has the attention of three beautiful ladies
Spit roasted made to suck and get fucked under the complete control of three expert Dommes Fertility Lesson Sniff and Lick with Divine Mistress Heather Giles and Andy have been working hard in the field wearing nothing but their underpants. The sweat pours off their bodies in the heat of the sun as they toil away. When Mrs. Skettles returns to check on them she decides they need to cool off a bit. But the lads are totally unprepared for how these things are done down on the farm. The schoolgirls are putting Alex Dobrovolski through his paces - much to the confusion of the dumb foreigner. But they haven't forgotten about the pervy caretaker, Mr Ryan. Barbara and Cassy have a special plan for him. But first they need to see how much sperm they can extract from Alex's cock.
Sheer Torment Mistress Ava Black try different sounds on the cock of her slave At the women's mercy and crawling around on the floor all fours Kirk is both ashamed and terrified. With the assistance of Mrs Casement, the doctor and Dawn are determined to show him the error of his ways - no matter what the cost to his dignity. The Kidnapping with Goddess Severa. A big Kidnapping Story Mr Douglas is totally in the thrall of Maggie and Julie. Having stripped him naked they are now proceeding to stimulate all his erogenous zones - leaving him totally helpless. While they work on his erect penis, Kevin is regretting breaking into the school as Sophie and Grace continue to administer their own form of punishment.
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Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off her wrestling moves, and adds ballbusting to the mix.. Lusty domina is pleased when her servants follow all her orders. Goddess severa try it now as strong Mistress Sunshine Strapons Blonde mistress likes seeing her three slaves on their knees.
It's been an eventful few days for young Ben and it all started with some innocent online messages from Anna. Now he's stark naked in a shop and surrounded by older women who tease him relentlessly. With all the pent up sexual tension Ben is desperate for release. If he's very good, the women might just allow him an extra special treat. Leather Domme's Toy Boy Crazy domina gets a kick out of having her slave please her. Bondage Strapon Friends Andy and Giles thought they had it hard when they were made to work in the field in their underpants. But now they are tied up in a barn and milked of their semen. One is bound over a bale of hay with his ass spread to inspire his friend whose cock is pumped dry with a sperm extraction device.
Three horny babes get pleased by an obedient guy in a sauna. Under hypno-therapy Alex reveals he’s a philandering asshole to his wife. Fortunately the doctor is on hand to provide a remedy. With Grace's husband completely under hypnosis, she can correct his selfish and disrespectful behavior. At the same time, she sees an opportunity for both of them to enjoy his masculine, naked body. Totally unaware of his state of undress, the suggestible Alex is more than happy to show off his Suffer For Her Smoke Mistress Kiana using her slave to relieve a little stress This lucky slave has the great privilege of being spit roasted by two beautiful and powerful Mistresses.
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The English Mansion
The English Mansion - Women Use Men for their Pleasure
Dominant women sexually use and turn men into their playthings and sex slaves. Real sessions of Mistresses and Prodoms who love abusing and humiliating their slaves with CBT, NT, CP, strapons and WS.
Facesitting Moms
Facesitting Moms - Kinky mom with boy facesitting fetish action in HD. 100% Exclusive!
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Kinky Mistresses
Kinky Mistresses - exclusive content, regular updates and high quality action movies
Wild, kinky and deliciously dirty Femdom movie action. High quality action movies all hosted by the notorious Lady Natalie Black, arguably the most kinky Mistress on the planet.
Strap-on heavy play with Mistress Kiana taking the lead. Horny slaves like nothing more than pleasing their mistress. The Endless Torment Treadmill Give It All To Me Slave with Lady Victoria Valente Exotic nasty babe thrives in sitting on her two subs’ faces.
Mistress Ezada with her anal slave The slave is due to receive his punishment from MistressAnita Divina, firstly the whip is used to spank his ass. She unleashes her cat o'nine tails toincrease the pain and leave his ass red raw. Hung Out To Dry Lady Natalie Black and Mistress Nina in a hard CP session Giant Pink Strapon
Scent Of A Domina with Lady Victoria Valente Held Like A Dog CFNM American Football Nothing To Declare Genital exam and femdom trampling at a male physical
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Now both Liam and Evan are stood at the front of the class stark naked! Neither of them had any idea of what was coming when they turned up to the remedial class. But they are far too afraid of Ms Robenshaw to argue back and so must meekly accept whatever form of reparation she sees fit. Mr McIntyre has suffered at the hands of Grace and Sophie before. They have already taught him that his place is at their feet - servile in front of them. But he has angered them by daring to wear clothes in their presence. Now, with him stripped naked and yelping, they proceed to chase him around the confined room, cornering him and beating him as punishment. The Sperm Production Clinic Feet Treat with Mistress Akella Two salacious ladies abuse their submissive horny gentleman.
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Goddess Severa is using now a different style of questioning to get the numbers of the security-code of the bankaccounts Five Day Scent with Lady Victoria Valente Ray has been talked into stripping stark naked in the office and is trying out for a job. But really, Ashley is merely toying with him and with Nicole's help they soon have him blackmailed and right where they want him.  Ella Kros in Berlin. In the famous german dungeon AVALON she like to play with her favorite german slave. A tall guy with a amazing big cock. Perfect for a hard ballbusting session. The milking has to be earned and there's nothing like a good hard flogging to get the circulation going
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CBT and Ballbusting
CBT and Ballbusting - Real Femdoms, Hardcore CBT
Beautiful women in their rightful place! Bound slave, real femdoms, hardcore CB.
Femme Fatale Films
Femme Fatale Films - Exclusive Hardcore Femdom BDSM
World where men are used, degraded, transformed, and controlled by women for their sexual pleasure... Exclusive Hardcore Femdom BDSM - Multiple Mistresses - Mobile Device Compatible - HD Quality Films
The British Institution
The British Institution
Cruel British Mistresses. Wet, muddy, freezing and dark. Whipped, Belted, Beaten, Shoes Licking.
Bitch Pegging with Miss Deelight, Mistress R'eal It's Lee's turn to find himself on the receiving end of the girls' attentions. He's had to listen to his friends Jimmy and Burt suffer humiliation in front of the Mayoress, his fear increasing with every second. Now Nicole is standing in front of him and he starts to shake involuntarily. What has she got in store for him? Hot submissive guys will do anything to please their goddess. Broken By A Cruel Mistress An opportunity to view Mistress Kawa in an extended real session
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Superior blondie likes her two slaves sucking her sexy feet. Bang Blow Bitches Fertility Lesson Lady Nina's Sex Puppets If you don't do your job then expect to get punished!
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Belittled, Bullied and Busted with Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Mia Harrington Edged & Ruined If a slave is bent over a chair with his arse in the airthen he know what he is going to get from Mistress Ezada. She shows this slutsarsehole no mercy, fuckingit hard with her black strapon. After a long day Ella Kros likes to put her feet up. With a slave at had she can also get her boots scrubbed clean. She makes him long strokes of his tongue to ensure that every inch of her boots are gleaming. Double Trouble
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in CBT - Real extreme cock and balls torment
Cock and balls amateur torment. Homemade CBT sessions from the homes of amateur slaves.
Girls Abuse Guys
Girls Abuse Guys - The Only Male Humiliation
Innocent guys get humiliated and fucked by laughing girls.
Femdom Empire
FemDom Empire - Hardcore Dominatrix Video
Latex, Leather, Bondage, Corsets, Slaves Training, Whips, Strapo-on, Fetishes, Punishment and more...
Medical Femdom
Medical Femdom - unexpected embarrassing male physical exam videos
Sperm donation and humiliating medical procedures
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Exclusive Female Domination Videos
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